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Apply for a refund or credit for your existing booking?

We are receiving a higher number of calls regarding refunds or credits for existing bookings. Due to government-enforced restrictions on the accessibility of our call centre, we have a significantly reduced number of customer support staff available to accept phone calls. Our Customer Care team continue to assist with customer requests via this form. To apply for a refund or credit please complete this form.

We appreciate these are frustrating times and do hear your concerns. We kindly ask that if your travel dates are not within 3 days that you complete the form rather than contacting us via phone. We are working round the clock to assist all our customers as quickly as we can and do continue to prioritise in order of travel date.

Complete refund or credit form. Click here.




Have you checked out our FAQ pages first? You may find your answers to commonly asked questions and save a phone call.

Booking made today and noticed an error?
Please phone our 24/7 Customer Care team immediately. Do not email.

When travelling

For international contact numbers when travelling view our international contact details



We are currently unable to accept emails due to volume due to COVID-19. We are sending out emails to customers based on departure date asking how they would like their booking handled. Please keep an eye out and respond.

Call Us


International: +61 2 8103 2106
Toll Free: 1300 472 222

New Zealand 
International: +64 9 889 6573


Via Email: [email protected]

Phone: +61 (3) 7018 9251 or 1300 904 775 (staff at our hotels' partner have no access to flight bookings)


If you have Covermore Insurance and need Emergency help click here

Car Rentals

For Car rentals bookings and questions.

Phone: 1300 784 693 (This number is direct to the supplier. This is not a contact for Aunt Betty)


For holiday package bookings and questions.

Phone: 1300 881 433 (This number is direct to the supplier. This is not a contact for Aunt Betty)

Currency Pass

For Travel Money Oz products such as currency pass and foreign currency.


Phone: 1300 715 925 (This number is direct to the supplier. This is not a contact for Aunt Betty)


Via Email: [email protected]