Aunt Betty
Well, hello there!

Great Flight and Travel Package Deals

Aunt Betty is your new favourite Aunty! Backed by Australia's largest travel provider, Flight Centre Travel Group, Aunt Betty is your new online destination to find some great deals on flights and travel packages. It doesn't matter whether you're going for a cheeky weekend getaway from Brisbane to Melbourne, taking a bit of a break in Fiji or Bali, or even going on a European trip of a lifetime, Aunt Betty gets you around. 

... with no sneaky booking fees!

That's right. Unlike some online travel competitors, Aunt Betty is always up front with any fees that might apply to your travel plans and tries to get rid of them completely when possible. In fact, Aunt Betty has even removed booking fees. If you're booking a group or large family in you'll find this makes a huge difference, potentially even hundreds of dollars on the overall cost.  

For a Huge Range of Airlines

Whether you want the no-frills service of TigerAir, the great value of Virgin Australia or the more premium experience Etihad provides, Aunt Betty has you covered. The only notable exemption from our available airlines at the moment is Jetstar but they're coming on-board soon. We're one of a small number of booking sites in Australia which let you book flights between airports which are all outside of Australia. 

With Great Accommodation Options

Want to stay in a backpacker hostel for your next trip? Or would you prefer the highest level of luxury that money can buy? Whatever your taste or budget you're bound to find a great hotel or apartment that suits your bank account. Make use of the maps on our site and find just the right place near the locations you want to visit the most. 


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