It’s almost that time of year again. When a parade of randomly dressed cherubs knocks on your door with their hands outstretched.

Well, if you’re not interested in supplying other people’s children with sweets this Halloween, there are still some last-minute cheap flights to these peaceful locations for a relaxing and spook-free holiday.


There is nothing like untouched natural beauty to relax your soul and make you feel like everything might just be right with the world. If this is your idea of peaceful, consider escaping to Iceland this Halloween where you are unlikely to see another person, let alone have any knocking on your door. Landmannalaugar is in the Highlands of Iceland, so it’s able to offer you a photo backdrop of orange, brown, blue and green mountains. There are plenty of hiking opportunities but for me peaceful holidays mean relaxation, so if you’re the same you’ll want to take advantage of the natural hot springs. The water in the hot springs is heated underneath lava before it meets the flow of the cold mountain water combining in the perfect restorative dip.


A list of peaceful holiday destinations wouldn’t be complete without a few island escapes, and Seychelles has 115 of them. An archipelago in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles offers a myriad of unspoilt beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves. And thankfully there are cheap flights and affordable holiday packages available for the region, so paradise doesn’t have to be outside your budget.

New Zealand

What better destination is there for a quick and relaxing long weekend escape than Australia’s home away from home, New Zealand. People travel from all over the world to experience the beauty of these islands, breathe the purity of the air and indulge in the food and wine experiences of this underrated food bowl. Luckily for us, New Zealand is just a three-hour flight from Sydney or three and a half hours from Melbourne. When you’re in New Zealand make sure you base yourself in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand’s far north. The Bay of Islands is a subtropical region which will only be shared with the natives – whales, penguins and dolphins.



Bora Bora

Back to a more iconic island escape, you can’t go past Bora Bora for a peaceful holiday. Specifically not child-friendly, Bora Bora invites you to enjoy the stunning sunsets and the sweeping ocean vistas with only your travel companion or your selfie stick for company. You’ll want to splash out for an over-water hut for the true indulgent island experience and complete tranquillity.





The Dead Sea

Sounds pretty peaceful, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, Jordan’s relaxing holiday amenities are far from dead, and the sea is actually an inviting cobalt blue which is so dense with salt and oils that you can float effortlessly on the surface. There are also a number of luxury mineral spas offering local treatments such as mud baths, milk baths and Dead Sea salt scrubs which exfoliate and refresh your skin. My skin has never felt so fresh!






If you want to tick a UNESCO World Heritage Site off of your travel bucket list, then hop on an easy flight to Japan to visit Nachi Falls. Nachi Falls is nestled in the Nachi Primeval Forest, which is also home to the three-tiered pagoda Seignanto-ji, a Buddhist temple which is said to have been built specifically to worship the majesty of nature. With the backdrop of the 133-metre waterfall, you’ll find peace with yourself and with nature. I know I have!






No list of relaxing holiday destinations would be complete without a visit to Thailand. While the major tourist attraction of Thailand is Phuket, if you really want to get away to a peaceful holiday destination in Thailand, then choose the Ang Thong National Park. The park is a group of 42 small islands with stretches of bright white sand and lush rainforests. If you feel up to some activity you can dive the coral reefs, but whatever you choose to do here, you’ll feel like the only person on Earth.